The conference

Teatro Duse

On Friday 21st join us on a mind-blowing journey with some of the biggest names in our industry.

The conference will take place at the inspiring Teatro Duse, a wonderful XVII century building recently renovated and for the conference day only we're providing an opt-in simultaneous translation service for everyone not comfortable with spoken English (mind to check the appropriate option during checkout).

During the event you will be provided with refreshments and lunch in a bag. A free t-shirt of the event comes with every conference pass, just remember to set the correct size during checkout.

Pierre Spring

Master of Ceremonies for the event will be Mr. Pierre Spring!

And when the conference is over grab some food and come to the after-party (location yet undisclosed) where you will have the opportunity to chat with some of the best folks in the industry and with our lovely speakers.

During the party we will have two brewmasters serving a selection of some of the best italian craft beers on tap!

Buried treasures

Some really lovely sponsors decided to bury treasures on Frontend Island for our attendees. Attend the conference and you may be one of the lucky ones to go home with some unexpected treasure!

Special thanks to: Balsamiq, Five Simple Steps, Rosenfeld Media, Pidoco, Pragmatic Programmer, Minigroup, Prefinery,